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Curly Sue: Child Star, Alisan Porter, Suffers From Alcoholism

Child star alcoholics and addicts often get the media’s attention for being these admirable young, booming icons turned bad.  The public fails to see that these are real people dealing with a serious illness.  Addiction and alcoholism are the kind of disease that slink their way into the lives of vulnerable individuals while still unbiased in the types of people that they latch themselves onto, wrecking as many lives as possible, and ultimately driving the sufferer on a misery mission of lifetime.  This disease does not care if you are a movie star or not.  It can still be the obsession of your life and in turn create all kinds of unmanageability and powerlessness for you.  Alisan Porter revealed that she was one of those people that it grasped onto when she took to her blog and proclaimed to the world the famous line, “Hi, I’m Ali, and I’m an alcoholic.”

Alisan Porter Tells All

Alisan Porter opened up on her blog about how unhappy she was.  She went on to say that her patterns of behavior were no longer suiting her and it was time to change for the better.  Porter gave a far much further in depth explanation of alcoholism and addiction, “It’s really not about substance at all. It’s about how you see people, how you treat yourself, how you feel about things, how you think people feel about you, what you could do, should do but don’t do.  Your resentments, your lack of respect, your lack of power, power you think you have to change, your ego… the list goes on.  You live life in your head all the time, self centered and all kinds of entitled.”  The actress nails the core of the disease, pinpointing the real problem not being alcohol and/or other drugs but rather with the person’s internal self.  There’s so much infliction and turmoil going on within that the addict creates chaos externally in their life, resorting to substances as the solution when all this does is inhibit the continuation in the cycling of their addiction – day in and day out, sometimes softer and sometimes louder.  The 33-year-old mother of two also mentioned on her blog how she knew that turning to any kind of mind-altering substance would awaken the beast of addiction and set of the allergy of her addiction.  The escalation can happen so quick and addicts cannot afford to confuse alcohol as different from other drugs.  “I don’t drink because I don’t want to miss one second of the responsibilities I get to have today,” Alisan began.  “I don’t drink because I can’t.  I want to, a lot of days, because I’m human and because life gets hard.  But I don’t.”

Alisan Porter is no different than any other person suffering from the disease of addiction.  She shouldn’t be looked down upon, shook heads at, or misconstrued as a negative influence by society.  Even celebrities and movie stars can suffer from the disease of alcoholism and addiction.  Fortunately, Alisan Porter found her way to recovery on October 28, 2007 and has been sober ever since.  “Sobriety offered me everything I ever wanted and never got.”

If you or someone you know is longing for that same kind of sobriety in their life, contact The Watershed Texas facility today.  It is possible.

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