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Crack and Cocaine Addiction: What’s the Difference?

crack and cocaine addictionCrack and cocaine addiction – is there a difference? Many people wonder if crack and cocaine are the same drug. It helps to know about the different types of drugs and their effects, so that awareness can be raised about drug abuse and the different types of drugs that are commonly abused.

Understanding Crack and Cocaine Addiction

So, is crack and cocaine the same thing? In short, crack and cocaine are two different forms of the same type of drug.

Cocaine is a stimulant drug that is derived from the coca plant. It produces a euphoric high and elevates mood. It is typically in powder form and cocaine addicts typically snort, ingest, or inject the drug.

Crack, on the other hand, is cocaine that is mixed with baking soda, which allows for it to be a harder substance that can also be smoked. The onset of the high from crack is much quicker than the onset of the high from cocaine. This is because the drug reaches the bloodstream quicker when it is smoked.

Crack Addiction & Cocaine Addiction

Both cocaine and crack are extremely addictive drugs. Cocaine and crack addicts may not only become addicted to the drug itself but to the method of use as well. For example, a cocaine addict may become addicted to snorting or injecting the drug while a crack addict may become addicted to smoking or injecting the drug. In addition to becoming addicted to the drug, they become addicted to the process of getting high.

The reality is that while crack and cocaine have some differences, they can both leave an addict feeling trapped and helpless over using. Crack and cocaine addiction can bring the same disastrous consequences and devastation, but recovering from both cocaine addiction and crack addiction is possible.

Treatment for Crack & Cocaine Addiction

Treatment for crack and cocaine addiction can begin with a medical detox and inpatient drug rehab. While there is not typically a severe withdrawal from either crack or cocaine, the drug is so psychologically addicting that it can be tough to fight off drug cravings and urges in the beginning, which is why it helps to be placed in a safe, structured environment like an inpatient rehab. With effective aftercare and continual work on a recovery program, recovery can be attained long-term.

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