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Cost of Addiction Treatment Centers and Options

There are many reasons addict and alcoholics will refuse to go to treatment, but one of the number one reasons is cost of addiction treatment centers.

Cost Of Addiction Treatment Centers

There are essentially three kinds of treatment options available for addicts and alcoholics:

Non-profit Substance Abuse Treatment Centers

These programs are usually state-run facilities and offer minimal care services when it comes to treating drug addiction and alcoholism. Patient’s length of stay will also depend on the facility rules and/or bed availability. It can also be difficult to obtain a bed in one of these facilities, so if this is your only option, then you will have to really be diligent about getting in. These centers usually treat those who are homeless, have no insurance, or cannot self-pay for a private center. Although an alcoholic and addict can recover from attending a non-profit treatment center, they will be limited on the services they receive. Non-profit treatment centers may not offer additional resources that a private facility may have. This can make the recovering process more difficult for those who need more therapeutic services and additional care.

Private Treatment Centers – self-pay only

Self-pay private treatment centers are your more exclusive centers, like Betty Ford, and are designed to offer a more extensive treatment plan as well as other services that make your 30-90 day stay as comfortable as possible.  These facilities do not take insurance and can be very costly over what you would pay for an insurance accepted facility. There is also no evidence that shows that these kinds of private treatment centers offer more successful treatment than any other insurance accepted facility.

Private Treatment Centers – self-pay/insurance accepted

Private addiction treatment centers that accept self-pay, as well as insurance, are your more popular substance abuse treatment facilities. They help those who are suffering from addiction recover, while also enjoying the services of a private center. Usually these centers offer a full continuum of care by providing services from a medical detox all the way to sober living apartments. A good center will work with your insurance company as well as your budget. Addiction is a mental health disorder and is considered a disease; so many people do not know that they may be able to get care through their insurance. This is why it’s best to talk directly with the addiction treatment center so that they work with your insurance company making sure that you get the care you deserve.

How Much Is Your Life Worth?

The cost of addiction treatment programs really depend on the service, the center, and if the person has other means of payment like insurance; but the cost should not be the deciding factor when it comes to saving you or your loved ones life. Drug addiction and alcoholism is a progressive chronic disease and it’s deadly if not treated. You wouldn’t let money stop you if it were a physical illness, would you? Don’t let money get in the way of your life, because you’re worth it.

Find a non-profit treatment center in your location, click here: SAMHSA Treatment Finder

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