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Connecticut Renaissance Treatment Center Under Fire

The recent arrest of the assistant director of Connecticut Renaissance has amassed great controversy over drug treatment centers as a whole, in addition to the professionals that work for them.  When seeking treatment for a drug addiction, you want to be sure that the consideration of safety and accreditation are of your top priorities.

Connecticut Renaissance Assistant Director Arrested

Known for its home location in Bridgeport, CT but spread in several territories throughout the state, Connecticut Renaissance has typically upheld its reputation of “compassionate, committed, and results-oriented team of counselors, therapists, and administrators,” as stated on their website.  Unfortunately with the arrest of the assistant director, Emille Jones, the treatment facility has attracted negative attention from a news standpoint.

Associated with the police of Bridgeport, The Tactical Narcotics Team was undergoing an investigation and witnessed a drug deal take place that involved the 30-year-old assistant director.  It was later discovered that Jones had driven Ryan Smith, a 31-year-old female client from Connecticut Renaissance, right to the drug dealer and even gave her the money to purchase crack cocaine.  After Jones admitted to this, Smith went on to attest that he gave her the money because she was under the impression that she had to have sex with him to be provided the best treatment at Connecticut Renaissance, where he held one of the highest placements of the corporate ladder. The end result was an arrest specific to conspiracy to possess narcotics for Jones, despite him receiving bail on a bond for $5,000.

Concern for Safety In Treatment

This entire situation involving Connecticut Renaissance and the assistant director of the facility could bring concern for addicts seeking drug treatment.  No addict should feel obligated to perform any acts for profit or assistance with drugs.  It is unjust that this happened to Ms. Smith.  A drug treatment facility should have a professional team that benefits your recovery, not intensifies your struggles through more traumas.  To relieve many readers’ minds, this is by no means a common scenario in the addiction treatment field.

The Watershed

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