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Colorado Sued for Legalizing Marijuana by Nebraska and Oklahoma

States like Oklahoma and Nebraska are finally doing more than voicing their opinion on Colorado’s laws about legalizing marijuana.  The two states have taken action by suing Colorado, claiming the state’s amendment goes against the constitution.

States Sue Colorado for Legalizing Marijuana

Colorado was put under heat on Thursday, December 18 when Oklahoma and Nebraska took drastic measures by taking Colorado to task by suing the state for legalizing marijuana. “Oklahoma and states surrounding Colorado are being impacted by Colorado’s decision to legalize and promote the commercialization of marijuana, which has injured Oklahoma’s ability to enforce our state’s policies against marijuana,” explained Oklahoma Attorney General, Scott Pruitt, the day the lawsuit was announced to the public.

Officials from Oklahoma who support this stance believe that since the federal law of the United States is above the state law, Colorado’s rules in regards to legalizing marijuana are illegal and should not be admissible. According to the suit filings, “In passing and enforcing Amendment 64, the State of Colorado has created a dangerous gap in the federal drug control system enacted by the United States Congress.” It continued to address how the substance was distributed in the state and caused disturbance in a country where it was supposed to be outlawed nationwide. “Marijuana flows from this gap into neighboring states, undermining Plaintiff States’ own marijuana bans, draining their treasuries, and placing stress on their criminal justice systems.”

Financial Burden on States

While Colorado was profiting $300 million in 2014 due to recreational marijuana sales in dispensaries, Nebraska and Oklahoma both make the claim that Colorado’s legalization of marijuana has caused them to deal with problems caused by the state.  As an example, taxes have skyrocketed in Nebraska as a result of tackling marijuana-related problems, resulting from Colorado’s legalization of the substance.  From moving prisoners that are locked up, multiple vehicle impounds, and financial woes that all trace back to marijuana, there has been a notable rise in stress on the state resources since Colorado’s change of law in 2012.  In fact, it was seen in Sydney, Nebraska that half the population of the town’s traffic stops were resulting in a marijuana arrest.  Policemen had to attend court hearings on regular occasions for marijuana cases and the annual overtime budget was thrown into high gear within the first six months of the start of the year.

Nebraska’s Attorney General Jon Bruning made one final stern comment on the matter, “We can’t afford to divert resources to deal with Colorado’s problem.”  Nearby state Oklahoma concurs when it comes to suffering consequences.  The state made it a point to clarify how there is an ongoing reputation lurking for how strong Colorado marijuana is known for being, according to the state’s Bureau of Narcotics and Dangerous Drugs, which is why Oklahoma folk have made it a point to go out of their way to get it.  It is has become increasingly difficult for Oklahoma to enforce the law when the state is as close as it is to Colorado, where use and possession of marijuana has become an acceptable social norm.

Colorado State Attorney General John Suthers remained confident with his decision in the state’s marijuana legislation, stating, “Because neighboring states have expressed concern about Colorado-grown marijuana coming into their states, we are not entirely surprised by this action,” he said. “However, it appears the plaintiffs’ primary grievance stems from non-enforcement of federal laws regarding marijuana, as opposed to choices made by the voters of Colorado. We believe this suit is without merit and we will vigorously defend against it in the U.S. Supreme Court.”

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