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Colorado Recreational Marijuana Sales Go Above $5 Million


Colorado stores are now open for recreational marijuana sales and you wouldn’t believe the revenue.  A whopping $5 million in sales has already been gained. In the United States Colorado is the first to sell recreational marijuana to adults who are 21 years or older. Colorado anticipates their yearly sales to attain around $600 million in marijuana sales.

Colorado Recreational Marijuana

Sales exceeded $1 million on January 1st 2014, the first day that the pot shops were officially permitted to start selling. Even after a week, people are still lined up outside stores to purchase their marijuana.  Andy Williams, the title-holder of Denver’s Medicine Man dispensary, expressed that he is making more money than he ever has. As a result of state regulations in Colorado, people who are residents of CO are allowed to purchase up to 1 oz. of recreational marijuana per transaction, and non-residents are allowed to purchase up to .25 oz.  Regardless of the large income these marijuana dispensaries are getting, federal laws still provide many obstacles to these CO marijuana retailers. In keeping with the Justice Department, the recreational marijuana legalization laws in Colorado and Washington State won’t be negotiated, as long as the states refrain from selling marijuana to minors, smoking weed and driving, and out-of-state distribution.

Marijuana Addiction Treatment

Even though weed may have become legal in some states, it is important to remember that weed is still a drug and it can be abused, just like alcohol or any other substance can be. Smoking marijuana is a huge risk that can play cause harm to the lungs, brain, and other organs. The disagreement a on whether marijuana it’s a harmful drug or not  still causes controversy, but the reality is that people can and do become emotionally and mentally addicted to marijuana.

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