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What Are The Causes Of Eating Disorders?

What are the causes of eating disorders?  Even scientists have been perplexed in wondering what the exact root causes of eating disorders are.  Abnormal eating habits are unbiased and can affect any gender, race, religion, or social class. In fact, it’s affecting 15-20% of the nation’s entire population. As a result, researchers have scrambled around trying to configure the most effective forms of treatment.  Although there have been both impacting and yet different alternative methods to relieve the effects, researchers have lacked a complete comprehension of the disease in its entirety.  A major breakthrough took place pertaining to eating disorders this week that could prove to not just have beneficial results, but also provide groundbreaking effective treatment that could dramatically impact those who are struggling recover.

Causes of Eating Disorders Related to Bacteria

Clpb is a protein that originates due to strands of bacteria, like Escherichia coli, in the immune system of the body.  When the body is aware that Clpb is present, antibodies are created to strike it.  Because Clpb is virtually identical in its structure to a hormone called melanotropin which regulates appetite, the body becomes mistaken and is unable to comprehend fullness as a result.  Researchers were able to interpret that sufferers of anorexia nervosa, which is a disorder characterized by the compulsive addiction to obsessively under eat, have been affected by a dysregulation to melanotropin that has caused these anorexics to believe they are full prematurely.  For bulimics and binge eaters, where the obsessive addictive behavior is to binge and/or purge, their bodies are unaware of how full they are until they are far beyond the appropriate feeling of fullness.  In other words, this incapability of understanding hunger is a result of the body misinterpreting Clpb for melanotropin and ultimately disrupting functions from the gut to mind.  This is an important component that has clearly gone unseen prior to this substantial game-changing research finding.  Like a sufferer of any other mental disease with a chemical imbalance in the brain, there is a disruption in the body that is out of whack and with proper medicine they could potentially be treated so that the suffer could function with far less difficulty and in the eating disordered individual’s case, understand hunger.  “We are presently working to develop a blood test based on detection of the bacterial protein ClpB,” Pierre Déchelotte and Sergueï Fetissov concurred, who both were part of the study which deciphered this as one of the reasons for causes of eating disorders.  “If we are successful in this, we will be able to establish specific and individualized treatments for eating disorders.”  In fact, Fetissov went on to add that antibiotics could be used as a form of treatment for eating disorders to re-regulate the body’s understanding of satiety.  “We would have to know which different bacteria are affecting each individual, but if we know that, we could choose the relevant antibiotic which works, and if it does not exist yet, we could develop it,” he spoke.  “It really opens up a new view on these diseases. We have been so focused on the brain and the cognitive causes of these disorders, but it looks as though the intestine is also important.”

Other Causes of Eating Disorders

There’s more to the causes of eating disorders than the physical condition itself.  It’s fantastic if an antibiotic could help regulate satiety and get the eating disordered individual back to understanding what fullness feels like.  However, even current procedures utilized as effective treatments, like gastric bypass surgery for example[for cases involving eating disorders] prove that even when a physical condition can be treated and help, if there is no change in the behavior and mentality, the individual may continue to display symptoms of the disorder and suffer emotionally as a result.  In relation to an addict and/or alcoholic, the drink and/or drug can be taken away, but if the behaviors of the person do not change, they will continue to display character defects attributed to the disease in which they suffer from.  Just as with addiction and alcoholism, an eating disorder affects the sufferer on a mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual level.  Treatment needs to be able to touch on all of these areas in order for the individual to be able to implement change and have the best chance at sustaining a long-term recovery.

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