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Can’t Handle Christmas Right Now?


If you are in recovery and just can’t seem to handle Christmas or your family right now, you need to read this.

Christmas In Recovery

Christmas is supposed to be full of joy, happiness, and love, but for some of us, Christmas can become a war zone between loved ones, stress, and drugs/alcohol.

Maybe right now your family has just gotten under your skin or you’re getting the itch to do something because you can’t sit still. Maybe you don’t even want to drink or drug (then again, maybe you do), but you know that what you are doing right now, you just can’t handle.


It’s going to be OK.

Welcome to recovery, you are not alone.

We have all been there. Whether we have a single day or a few hundred days clean and sober, we have all been stressed out during Christmastime. Be patient with yourself and allow yourself to feel what you are feeling. The trick is to not act on your feelings. Here are some suggestions that will help you get through this holiday season and beyond.

Acknowledge Your Feelings

Acknowledge your feelings and accept them for being exactly what they are – good, bad, happy, sad, anger, fear, and so on. Many times we try to pretend that we aren’t feeling what we are feeling because we think anything other than happy is “bad”. It’s not bad, it’s just a feeling. It doesn’t have to own you.

Feel Your Feelings

Now that you’ve acknowledged that they’re there, it’s time to feel your feelings. Accept them for being exactly what they are – just feelings. Feel them without fear of judgement. They do not have to control your actions; they are just here for a moment and will eventually pass. The quicker you acknowledge and feel your feelings, the quicker you can allow yourself to start to heal from those feelings and move past them. Don’t forget to meditate and breathe, this will help the process.

Call A Recovery Support

This is a great time to call your clean and sober supports. You may have only one person you want to call, or multiple, but as long as you pick up the phone and talk to someone, you will be amazed at how much better you feel. It not only cuts the problem in half, but it also makes us feel less alone. Sober supports usually have some great suggestions to help with specific problems, so be sure to share with them exactly what is going on.

Take Action

Now, take action! Take these few suggestions to get out of your funk, and get moving. If you need to remove yourself for a moment to collect your thoughts and feel your feelings, then do it. You will not feel like this forever; it will pass. Do your best to be patient, tolerant, and understanding as you move through this process. Remember, it’s OK if this Christmas isn’t the best one. As long as you stay clean and sober, you have another chance at having the “Best Christmas, Ever!” next year.

Never give up and always have hope.

If you still feel like you can’t stay clean and sober through Christmas, we’re here 24/7 – even on holidays. You are not alone!

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