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Can I Keep the Same Friends I Had During Active Addiction?

active addictionA common thought from addicts and alcoholics who have just begun the process of recovery is whether or not they can keep the same friends they made during active addiction. The reality is that it’s a tough call to make, but if the people you surrounded yourself with are still active in addiction to drugs and alcohol, then you should reconsider the friendship since it can be extremely triggering and harmful to be near someone who is actively using or drinking.

Friends from Active Addiction to Drugs and Alcohol

It can be sad to accept, but many addicts and alcoholics who get sober come to find out that people they thought were their “friends” during active addiction are actually not their friends at all but rather “using buddies,” drug dealers, or bad influences. However, sometimes when alcoholics and addicts get clean and sober, they find out that some of the friends they were close with during addiction got inspired to get clean or were already sober too. If you are both in recovery and can support each other’s positive behaviors rather than co-sign the negative, then the friendship may work in both of your favors. Unfortunately, if you stay friends with people who continue to use drugs and alcohol, especially when you are in early recovery, it can put you in the wrong place at the wrong time, become triggering for you, or intensify your own drug cravings. Many alcoholics and addicts in recovery learn that it’s best to stay away from certain people, places, and things in order to maintain their sobriety. If you are ever not sure about a friendship with someone who you used to use substances with or met when you were in active addiction, then it can definitely help to reach out to a sober support or sponsor who can provide their own suggestion on the matter. Sober supports and sponsors can be great because they can provide their own personal experience and share an outside perspective that can help in continuing to guide you along the path of sobriety.

New Friends in Sobriety

You may want to be friends with the same people you were friends with while you were using because you are afraid that you won’t have any sober friends. Becoming part of a recovery community, support group, or 12 Step Fellowship can be a great way for you to make friends that are on the same journey as you. It can also help to bond with people who want the best life possible for you – in sobriety. They can guide you when you are feeling down or unsure about what to do. Recovering from addiction can lead you to make some of the best friends you will have in your life time.

Don’t be afraid about making new friends in recovery, and don’t be afraid to end unhealthy friendships with those who no longer serve a purpose on your path toward recovery. It can be tough to understand what is best, but this is why it is vital for you to reach out to other sober supports and individuals who are going through the same process as you. Recovery can be beautiful, but you have to be willing, honest, and open-minded to see what needs to be done in order for you to live a healthy, sober lifestyle.

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