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Can A Drug Addiction Really Happen to Anybody?

drug addictionToo many people believe that drug addiction will never happen to their children, parents, friends, or even themselves, but it can. Drug addiction can happen to anybody, regardless to their age, gender, race, or social class. Understanding drug addiction as the disease that it is can help to provide awareness and reduce the stigma associated with it.

Understanding Drug Addiction

Drug addiction is a disease that can happen to anybody, but doesn’t happen to everybody. An addiction to drugs occurs after an individual has used a substance and continues to use the substance but is unable to stop in spite of negative consequences or risks. The physical and mental obsession becomes so consuming that the addict will lie, cheat, steal, and/or manipulate to achieve their next high. For some people, addiction may have begun from taking prescription opioids as prescribed until they built up a tolerance and needed more to achieve the same effect or were no longer provided with the prescription, so they resorted to street painkillers or heroin due to the physical dependency. However, drug addiction can happen after using any type of substance. It’s not as much about what the individual is using, but rather about the obsession and compulsion to use and achieve the high.

Who Is Most at Risk for Addiction?

While anybody can suffer from a drug addiction, some people are more at risk for addiction. This includes people who have relatives that have suffered from alcoholism and/or drug addiction, as well as individuals who suffer from mental health issues like depression, anxiety, or bipolar disorder. In addition to this, more people who are at risk for drug addiction are individuals taking any type of addictive drug, even if it is prescribed to them.

Addiction is a cunning, baffling, and powerful disease. The truth is that although there are risk factors for addiction, there is no way to tell who will suffer from a drug addiction and who will not. Genetic, environmental, and social factors can play a role in the cause of addiction, but the reality is that anybody can become addicted to drugs because addiction is a disease that does not discriminate.

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