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How To Build Self-Respect In Recovery From Addiction

build self-respect quote Self-respect is defined as having pride and confidence in one’s self.  An alcoholic and/or addict like yourself  can often be left wondering how to gain self-respect and build up that confidence because it may have been lost when active in addiction.

Build Self-Respect

Gaining self-respect deals with an individual having an accurate understanding of what respect truly means in its broad term.  Respect refers to having consideration and holding value for adequate treatment.  By having an accurate and concise definition of the word, you will be more likely to know what treating yourself better truthfully looks like and have a greater chance of actually committing to doing it.  Here are some steps that can help to guide in nudging you along during the process of your recovery from alcoholism and/or addiction.

Looking In The Mirror

Active addiction brings alcoholics and/or drug addicts to such extreme lows.  You may remember a point where you could no longer bare to look at yourself in the mirror.  That is where self-respect may have gotten lost and judgement could have grown clouded through risky sexual behavior, unethical drug exchange, stealing, and various criminal activities. When an addicted individual is heavy in abusing substance, there’s an inability to see the truth.  You probably couldn’t see how sick you were in your disease and remained stuck unable to come out of it until more was unveiled at a later time.

Taking Action

An extreme component for how to gain self-respect deals with putting in effort and trying different approaches for self-care.  Trying something new can help in gaining self-respect because it shows that you are willing to go to lengths to take care of yourself and proves that you are self-reliant.  By having these traits, you indicate that you can take initiative and can work off motivation.

You Deserve Happiness

Make a list of what you feel you deserve and have the right to having for being human.  Simply take this as the opportunity to look at you gaining insight to respecting yourself and loving yourself unconditionally as a recovering individual.  Listing your rights as a human and reciting them on a regular basis can help you come to believe them.  Some examples can include:

You have the right to be treated with dignity and respect from the people you surround yourself with.

You have the right to be yourself without feeling ashamed of who you are.

You have the right to decline.  “No” can be a sentence.

Addicts and alcoholics may become frustrated with the idea of how to gain self respect, especially if it has been damaged during active addiction.  Self-respect is a quality that can be rebuilt; it doesn’t get depleted with the inability to be brought back.  You can learn to love yourself again, re-boost your confidence, and treat yourself the way you deserve to be treated.  The way you care for yourself ultimately sets the bar for how the rest of society should be treating you, so treat yourself kindly.

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