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Roof Caves at St. Patrick’s Day College Frat Brewfing Party

A Californian St. Patrick’s Day off-campus frat “brewfing” party was held on Friday, March 6, which got so far out of control that while students were brewfing, the roof literally fell through! (In case you’re wondering, “brewfing” as defined by the Urban Dictionary is a, “combination of ‘brew’ + ‘roof’; the act of sitting on a roof and drinking beer.”)

Brewfing Frat Party Goes Haywire

In Cal Poly – San Luis Obispo, Friday’s off-campus St. Patrick’s Day frat party of about 1,000 students (most from California Polytechnic State University) gathered for a night of heavy drinking up on the roof top. Matters became serious when at 6:20 am Saturday morning, the roof collapsed.  NBC4 News Los Angeles reported 30 students were brought down by the collapse and eight were impacted by injury.  “It’s a serious situation,” Mayor Jan Marx told People Magazine of the incident that occurred.  “And, beyond that, there were thousands of people in a small residential neighborhood in the street quite near Cal Poly, so it was terrifying for the neighbors and families who lived there, as well as students.”

Plan of action

Mayor Marx set a council meeting for St. Patrick’s Day, regarding preventing people from drinking on the rooftops of their homes; unless maintenance is required, individuals must have a legitimate reason to be up there. “It’s one of these kind of situations where the word gets out that there’s going to be a massive party, and it’s an assault on the neighborhood and on the city,” Marx explained when discussing how simple it is for these types of drinking parties to get out of control.  In addition to the city’s plan of action for ordinance following the collapse, California Polytechnic State University will only be looking into the event if the fraternity caused problems with the law.  The school’s director of media relation, Matt Lazier, gave further detail on the matter when he made the statement, “Should a Greek Life organization have connections to today’s event, the University reserves the right to exercise additional options regarding the status of social fraternities and sororities.”

Dangers of brewfing and excessive drinking in college explored

Brewfing highlights how mainstream and rampant drinking can be in college, particularly when it comes to frat parties.  This incident demonstrates that these students might have been negligent with their drinking by consuming alcohol on the rooftop without considering or being aware of the risks.  The dangers of intoxication become evident because these individuals might not have realized what they were doing when they had consumed the alcohol, or perhaps they did not care because they were inebriated at the time of the incident.

College frat parties can be particularly dangerous for students when they are not remaining aware of how much alcohol they are consuming.  By brewfing, or being up on high roof tops while drinking, these students may not be in the right state of mind to think clearly about what is going on.  This can be dangerous, especially considering what happened at the St. Patrick’s Day frat party during this weekend when the roof top collapsed.  In these situations, reaction time needs to be quick, but under the influence of even the smallest amount of alcohol, an individual’s ability to function can be slowed down and impaired.  The best way to remain aware of surrounding would be to have a sober mind and not be under the influence of any mind-altering substance.

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