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What Makes the Best Inpatient Rehabs Effective?

inpatient rehabInpatient rehabs for drug addiction and alcoholism are designed to help patients begin the process of recovery. However, not every treatment center offers the same level of care.

The most acclaimed and reputable rehab centers are highly effective for a number of reasons. Understanding these reasons is important so that you know what to look for in a treatment center if and when you should need to seek help for alcoholism or drug addiction.

Why Are the Best Addiction Treatment Centers Effective?

Inpatient rehabs are considered “best” for a great deal of reasons. Some of the most widely known reasons includes when the treatment centers provide high quality treatment, obtain the appropriate credentials, offer continual care, and provide a wide array of services for patients.

Appropriate Credentials to Provide High Quality Treatment

It only makes sense that the best of all inpatient rehabs should offer the highest quality of treatment available. In addition to this, the treatment center should maintain all of the mandatory and appropriate credentials to operate as a substance use disorder treatment provider.

The top alcohol and drug rehabs will be stated-licensed to perform treatment for substance use disorders like alcoholism and drug addiction. Other credentials that may be held include being “Gold Seal” Accredited by The Joint Commission as well as LegitScript Certified.

Full Continuum of Care

Drug and alcohol treatment centers that provide additional treatment such as aftercare are highly effective as well. It’s important to provide treatment that extends beyond a medical detoxification and inpatient rehabilitation because addiction is a chronic and progressive illness that needs continual treatment.

There is no “quick” fix to address addiction, and even a medical detox and rehab alone will not cure addiction. There is no cure for addiction, which is why it takes continual work in order for alcoholics and addicts to maintain their recovery. When a treatment center offers a full continuum of care it means that they provide treatment for all stages of recovery.

This type of treatment can stem from the very beginning during a medical detox and inpatient rehab all the way to outpatient programs and sober living environments.

Team of Qualified, Experienced Professionals

In addition to the inpatient rehab center holding the necessary and recommended credentials, it is imperative to make sure that the practitioners, medical staff, and professionals at the facility have the appropriate licenses.

The best alcohol and drug rehab facilities will have a staff with impressive credentials and experience, all of which is beneficial to the patients because they will be receiving the best care possible.

Educational Services & Relapse Prevention Methods

A trusted treatment center will provide a number of beneficial services, including education on the disease of alcoholism and addiction, relapse prevention methods, and healthy coping mechanisms. This is particularly helpful both in the beginning and throughout the recovery process.

Inpatient rehabs can help addicts and alcoholics recover. However, the best inpatient rehabs are found to be effective because of their high standards for treatment, credentials, experienced professionals, and services. Understanding what makes the top rehabs in the nation so great can show you why rehab can and does help people recover from addiction.

If you are trying to find a reputable, effective inpatient rehab, The Watershed Texas is here to help. For over 20 years, The Watershed has been helping alcoholics and addicts embark on the road to recovery. Call The Watershed Texas today at 1-800-861-1768.

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