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Amphetamine Drugs: A Timeline of Performance and Addiction

History-of-Amphetamine-DrugsAmphetamine drugs are not a new concept, but the potency of them and growth in the use of them is something that gets commonly overlooked in today’s time with the rise of heroin and opiate addiction seeming to overpower it.  Many young children are quickly provided with prescription drugs to treat conditions, like Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) for example.  If the child genuinely needs it and the benefits outweigh the risks, then this is viable.  On the other hand, people continually argue that overdiagnosing occurs too frequently and children are unrightfully getting medicated when they don’t need to be.  It complicates society when children are being given these medications and stay on them for extended periods of time because amphetamine drugs can be tough to come off.

History of Amphetamine Drugs

Amphetamine drugs are a main category of medications that have almost a century worth of history of vast over-prescription by doctors.  The main reason that amphetamines were first prescribed to patients in the 1920’s and 1930’s was to treat conditions like narcolepsy, respiratory issues, and even opiate addiction.  Doctors and the rest of society weren’t entirely aware of the risks that amphetamine use had potential to bring, like harm to the brain for example.  Despite this, even back then these drugs were being abused by people to get high or just stay awake.  It took until 1965 for amphetamine drugs to require a prescription to obtain.  Today, these drugs are  limited to only those who are prescribed, even though a prescription does not guarantee proper use of the medication.

Amphetamine Drugs Cause Addiction Even With Prescription

It’s a huge contradiction that methamphetamine labs are taken so seriously that officials have to handle them according to trained procedure, and yet amphetamine drugs are borderline getting passed out to, as it appears, more people than actually need to be on it.  The use of methamphetamine is a huge problem, but why is the amphetamine drugs problem going nearly ignored?  The government condones the use of amphetamines as legal as long as there is an authorized prescription for it.  Because of this, the severity of people becoming dependent on the drug and needing to take it every day gets vastly overlooked.  If you take a look at the amount of children that are growing up being prescribed this drug, you will see that they have the utmost difficulty stopping, should they ever be told to.  In fact, some people don’t even realize that they are addicted until they are forced or choose to stop, which is why there are treatment centers, like The Watershed, here to help those who are addicted to prescription drugs,stop.


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