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Amber Portwood Jail: Teen Mom Star Talks About Opening Rehab

amber portwood jailAmber Portwood rose to fame when she caught the public’s eyes while starring on MTV’s 16 + Pregnant and its eventual spinoff Teen Mom.  Life took a drastic turn for the young new mother when she spent 17 months in prison for a five-year sentence as a consequence for her drug abuse.  Portwood has come a long way over the years, as she now opens up about and recalls there being a time that she was in such complete utter despair that she was driven to attempt her own suicide.

Amber Portwood Jail

The star has become an open book about her addiction lately – literally.  She had her memoir titled “Never Too Late” hit shelves last month, where she revealed how low her drug addiction brought her and just how much she triumphed above it.  “I was doing whatever I wanted,” Amber Portwood began. “And I didn’t do anything in moderation. It was always extreme when it came to partying.”  Amber seemed to lose control rather quickly, as she admits that she was high on drugs “the entire time” that she appeared on all her episodes for Teen Mom.  The young woman went on to express that she began using at a young age to cope with her depression.  She explained, “I couldn’t change what was going on around me, and I couldn’t control that sadness inside of me, either.  It was really bad.”  She went on to elaborate that it was, “so bad, honestly, that when I was eleven I made the first of many extreme attempts to fix it.  I tried to kill myself.”  Portwood seems relieved to be removed from such a hopeless state of mind, saying that she now focuses on remaining in the solution of recovery and staying positive even when the times appear to be difficult.  The 24-year-old girl has had to tackle significant consequences this year after being slammed with a five-year jail sentence because of domestic violence associated with her now ex-boyfriend and father of her four-year-old daughter as well as drug charges for possessing a controlled substance.  Amber Portwood ended up getting out early, as she was released on good behavior after spending only 17 months in prison.  She expressed her concerns on leaving, “I did 500 hours of rehab classes in prison. I was well aware of what was going to happen when I got out. It wasn’t a shock to me.  It does bother me on an almost everyday basis but it is starting to get easier.”  After leaving prison in November, Amber says she still has to “stay strong and remember what you’re doing and move forward” since “it is very easy to go back to doing drugs because you don’t want to feel that way.”

Amber Portwood Jail To Rehab 

Amber has worked hard to achieve her many accomplishments like her sobriety, the publication of her book, and fight for joint custody of her daughter.  Even bigger plans for the future for her include helping other addicts too.  She has high hopes to run a “sort of boot camp rehab,” as she called it.  Explaining that it would be very therapeutic and help addicts work through their core issues, Amber expressed how she felt compelled to make this dream happen someday in her lifetime.

You can catch the newly improved and sober Amber Portwood in the upcoming season in Teen Mom on MTV in 2015.  Change and recovery is a reality for many.  Dealing with the hardships that come with the turmoil from the aftermath of the depth of addiction can be overwhelming, but sometimes the only way to get passed the mud is to run right through it, however messy and sticky it may leave you.  There are bound to be moments where all hope seems lost but this is never true.  Recovery gives the addict a new freedom that they may have never fathomed even in their wildest dreams.

If you or a loved one is suffering from the disease of addiction, call The Watershed for help today.

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