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Understanding Drug Addiction: Am I An Addict?

am I an addictAs human beings, we all have the potential to experience circumstances that all other human beings experience. In the realm of alcoholism, drug addiction, and other substance abuse dependencies, the potential susceptibility still holds true for all people. In asking the question, “Am I an addict?” a great stream of reasoning can ensue and be helpful to properly inform you about the possible reality and dangers of addiction.

The difference between an alcoholic who has lost everything and a stay at home mother taking an excessive regime of prescription drugs may be a very thin line. Because humans all have the potential to struggle with substance abuse, the stereotypical junkie or drug addict living on the streets could as easily be the CEO living in the high-rise condo by the beach or the high school freshman next door or any number of people whose addictions don’t surface until they get out of control.

Am I an addict: Am I Addcited To Drugs/Alcohol Quiz

Am I an Addict?

Many people think that if there is a problem, detox is sufficient to get cleaned up, and then back to a normal life. In fact detox is never enough because all of the issues that caused you to abuse the substance, whatever the intention was (legitimately medicating, self-medicating, partying, shutting out the world, etc) the fact is that there is a physiological connection between your decision making process and desire mechanism. It may be possible to be unaware of experiencing an active addiction, but very unlikely that you could be addicted without being an addict. The very definition of being an addict expresses the action of consistently taking and pursuing means to fulfill a desire that is detrimental to one’s natural biology. The mental realm has to be traversed and examined by trained medical professionals specializing in mental health as well as physical health. A dangerous place to be is where you become your own counselor and arbiter for issues that may be deeper psychological addictions.

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Asking The Right Questions

Again, there is no such thing as simply being “just physically dependent” to a drug. Our brains are so intimately intertwined with our physical biology, to divorce a physical dependency from cognitive volition is irresponsible and dangerously inaccurate. When someone is caught in the violent cycle of taking pain medications like oxycodone or OxyContin due to chronic pain issues, they have willfully given over autonomy to physical desires, and exchanged rational mechanisms of mental faculty to baser and desire-centered appetites.

Best advice: If you think you have a problem with drugs or alcohol then it’s time to ask someone for help. You can go to a trusted family member, friend, or adviser. You can also contact one of our addiction specialist 24/7 at 800-439-5959. We want you to know that you are not alone and there is help, so contact us now!

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