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Alcohol Poisoning Deaths from Binge Drinking: Six People Die Every Day

Alcohol poisoning deaths are a rising concern in the nation due to the frequency of binge drinking.  When a person indulges in a night of heavy binge drinking, they significantly increase their risk of alcohol poisoning due to the level of toxicity.  New studies show that alcohol poisoning deaths accumulate to an average of six people every single day.

Alcohol Poisoning Deaths: What is Alcohol Poisoning?

What is alcohol poisoning, exactly?  Alcohol poisoning occurs when alcoholic drinks are consumed too rapidly and the body can’t properly process the volume of alcohol in the person’s system.   An estimated 2,200 Americans die each year from alcohol poisoning.  In spite of this fact, 70% of people did not consider themselves to meet the qualifications of being an alcoholic.  Although such a large percentage of people don’t classify themselves as an alcoholic, statistics show that 38 million Americans are indeed confessing to binge drinking, and state that at least four times a month, they consume eight alcoholic beverages within two to three hours.

To paint a picture of what binge drinking looks like for men, the consumption of five or more drinks within two or three hours is what the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) considers a binge  For women, the CDC considers the consumption of four or more alcoholic drinks within the same time span.  Three in four alcohol poisoning deaths were reported to have been adults varying in ages 35 through 64 years old, with a majority of them being mostly white men.

“This study shows that alcohol poisoning deaths are not just a problem among young people,” commented Dr. Robert Brewer, a co-author and CDC Alcohol Program worker, on the recent statistics on alcohol poisoning deaths.  These facts go to show that alcohol abuse is not limited to a specific age range like young partygoers, or limited to a certain location such as college campuses.

Dr. Paul Rinaldi, a psychiatrist, also made a statement about how alcohol poisoning doesn’t target any particular age group and can affect anyone. “This is showing the dangers, the real dangers, of binge drinking, which we tend to associate with younger people,” said Rinaldi.  Alcoholism, binge drinking, and substance use disorders are cultural, non-discriminating issues that are currently running rampant in society, killing people every day.  Dr. Rinaldi continued, “What I think very interesting in this is that these people have probably been doing this for a long time, so why are they now dying of it?”

What to Do if Alcohol Poisoning Is Suspected

How can alcohol poisoning deaths be prevented?  If someone sees another person displaying symptoms of an alcohol poisoning, then they should immediately call for medical emergency help.  Symptoms that may help an individual suspect an alcohol poisoning include shallow or slow breathing, slow heart rate, a change in body temperature, vomiting, and general extreme sickness.  It is always important to keep in mind that it is better to be safe and call for help than wait or do nothing at all.

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