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What To Do If You Have An Alcohol Or Drug Relapse

Alcohol Or Drug RelapseAn alcohol and drug relapse can happen to anyone, at any time, if they’re not fully engaged in their recovery program. It’s common to have feelings of shame or remorse after a relapse, but it’s nothing to be ashamed of, and you are not alone.

While it’s not a requirement for long-term recovery, it’s also not in any way uncommon for addicts and alcoholics to relapse at least once before they become fully convinced of having the disease of addiction. When you relapse, it can be frightening and confusing. What do you do next?

Here is a short list of positive actions we suggest you take if you have had an alcohol or drug relapse.

Alcohol & Drug Relapse Steps

Step 1

Contact a support and let them know that you have relapsed and need help. You can also click here and talk with someone live now: or call our 24/7 helpline at 1-800-439-5959. Admitting you have a problem and reaching out for help is the first step towards your recovery, so go for it!

Step 2

If you are in need of medical attention, you may want to check yourself into a detox, rehab, or medical hospital immediately.

Step 3

Be willing to take suggestions and remove yourself from triggers that could keep you in relapse. Triggers may include people, places, and things that are preventing you from staying clean and sober any length of time.

Step 4

Turn it over! Turn it over to a power greater than yourself. Stop trying to run the show, fix yourself, or control the situation. It’s time to listen to others and take suggestions for your recovery.

Step 5

Be honest, willing, and open-minded about the recovery process and the disease of addiction. If you practice those three things through your process, then you will be able to recover long-term.

If you are struggling in an alcohol or drug relapse right now and need help, please contact The Watershed now. There is no reason you need to suffer alone and we can help.

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