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How to Perform An Alcohol Or Drug Intervention

drug-intervention_thewatershedtexasAn alcohol or drug intervention is aimed towards people who are struggling with substance abuse issues and need help fast. An intervention should be performed by a professional along with loved ones.  The main goal is to show the person who is struggling that there is a problem and that they need help. There are specific ways to hold one and your next step is to learn how to perform an intervention properly.

Alcohol & Drug Intervention

Here are some steps to thoroughly and properly hold an intervention.

Contact a Professional

Meeting with a therapist or counselor prior to the intervention is best. You need a professional present to handle the situation and de-escalate if needed. They will also act as the mediator and are imperative to the intervention because they have a full understanding of addiction, treatment, and recovery.

Make Treatment Arrangements

If you can have a treatment center already lined up with a room waiting for them, even better. Interventions work best when the person has to do nothing but accept the help and go straight to treatment. It’s unrealistic to tell someone who is suffering from the disease of addiction to get help but not offer options. Remember that they are in crisis, so have treatment ready and available for them to go to if you can.

Write a Letter

Make a list or write a letter telling the person how they have affected you and that their actions and behaviors will no longer be tolerated. Show that you care for him/her and will be there for them as long as they choose to get help and recover.

Have a Pre-intervention

Gather your loved ones who are worried or have been affected by the struggling alcoholic or addict and plan out your intervention. You want it to be organized so that all points are addressed, everyone stays on topic, and all are prepared for various situations that may occur.  Here you can also discuss with the group your letter and see if you may be missing anything or if it needs to be edited in anyway.

Alcohol or Drug Intervention 

Make sure they’re sitting comfortably, surrounded by those who love them. Calmly define the problem: Read your letter and let them know how much you love and care for them. Once the group has shared their feelings, it’s time to let them speak and share their feelings. No person likes to think they do not have any control over their life, so make sure they feel they can express themselves as well. Remain calm and do not enable them during this process. It’s important that you and the group agree on the process and do not allow the addict or alcoholic to manipulate their way out of getting help.

Treatment or Consequences

Let your loved one know that this is for their own good, and that it will save their life. It’s important to highlight the consequences and ultimatums so they know that you are really serious this time. This is life or death, and they need to be aware of that.

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