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Alcohol Addiction: Understanding Effects of Alcoholism

alcohol addictionAlcoholism is a disease, but it can be cunning and complex too. An alcohol addiction can make the alcoholic’s life become unmanageable as well as impact their loved ones. Noticing the signs of alcoholism and knowing what to do if you are addicted to alcohol can help provide an accurate understanding of the disease.

Signs of Alcoholism

There are a number of different signs of alcoholism. Some signs might be drinking in excess, binge drinking, blacking out from drinking, dizziness, shakes, alcohol cravings, sweating, rage, anxiety, fear, and sickness. Additional signs of an alcohol addiction can include legal troubles, financial issues, and relationship problems. Being an active alcoholic for several years can make putting down the drink more difficult, but a full recovery is possible for any alcoholic.

Alcohol Withdrawals

With habitual use, alcohol can result in physical withdrawals. This can include shakes, headaches, nausea, anxiety, and seizures. In severe cases, alcohol withdrawals can be life-threatening. Alcohol withdrawals can be difficult to bear, which is why an alcohol detox at a medial detoxification center may be necessary for the alcoholic. While alcoholism can result in physical problems, it impacts the alcoholic in several other ways. This is because an alcohol addiction is threefold, impacting the alcoholic physically, mentally, and spiritually. A physical and mental obsession is present in an alcoholic because drinking becomes the way the alcoholic has coped and dealt with a variety of emotions for so long.

Treatment for Alcohol Addiction

There is treatment for alcoholism, which typically begins with a medical detox and inpatient rehab. When an alcoholic receives treatment at a medical detox, they are provided with the medical supervision they need as their body gets detoxed off the substances. At an alcohol rehab center, the alcoholic can receive the necessary treatment to address problems causing them to drink, as well as go over triggers, relapse prevention, and counseling.

At The Watershed Texas, each alcoholic is cared for and treated in excellence. The Watershed Texas believes in restoring lives. If you’re struggling with an alcohol addiction, you are not alone. You can recover. Call The Watershed today at 1-800-861-1768.

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