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Is An Addiction Cure Possible? Professionals Remain Confident In Research

Can you imagine if there was an addiction cure?  It can be hard to picture a life without being a slave to your drugs, so it would be ludicrous to fathom the idea that there would actually be a 100% absolute guarantee that you would never become addicted again.  For years, many discouraged thinking that this concept could ever be possible, following the idea that once you are an addict, you will always remain an addict.  However, Professor Scott Steffensen is confident that an addiction cure does exist.

Addiction Cure: Is It Possible?

Steffensen is a professor at Brigham Young University and believes there must be an addiction cure.  The National Institute of Health foresees Steffensen making ground-breaking research, judging by his past discoveries, and are already in agreement to fund his studies that have an accumulation of a couple millions of dollars in grants.  So far, Steffensen has discovered, along with his team, that a protein is summoned by the brain after drugs cause inadequate dopamine functioning.  This protein is called brain derived neurotrophic factor, or BDNF for short.  The actively using drug addict will have growth of BDNF in the brain.  This response results in stopping the typical dopamine cycle, even after the person’s high, which explains the negative symptoms of withdrawal.

The discovery of BDNF is not a new one, though.  Steffensen and his team have done experimentation on rats to see if they can manipulate the protein without giving the rats drugs.  After BDNF was administered to the rats, it was noticed that the rats had acted like they had opiates in their system.  This proved the theory that the brain could be tricked into perceiving it is dependent on drugs when in fact no drugs were ever physically involved.  In other words, the experiment demonstrating that, at least for the rats, the idea of addiction in the mind has the capability of being turned on and off, like a switch. This is why Steffensen and his team believe that the addiction cure is directly related to restabilizing the proper functioning of dopamine by reversing the effects from drugs.  If this can be done, Steffensen claims this will make the addict able to think clear enough to consider their behavior and continue living free from drug use.  In a way, this can make perfect sense because if you go by Newton’s Third Law, “For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction,” and apply it to how the brain is affected by drugs and can put an addictive gene into gear, then it only makes sense that those permanent effects can be manipulated to be reversed.

How would an addiction cure work?

The possibility of an addiction cure is a complex thought to process and raises many questions.  If this discovery is made, what would this addiction cure really involve?  Would the result be that the addict was never inclined to resort to using their drug of choice again, or would they be able to use their drug of choice and have the ability to put it down?  These contradicting and currently unanswerable questions are what raise eyebrows for even professionals.  The only certainty as of now is that with experiments and more research being done on the disease of addiction, professionals remain adamant about finding an addiction cure.

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