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Addicted To Sex: Falling In Lust vs. Love and Signs of Sex Addiction

ADDICTED-TO-LOVE_texasAre you addicted to sex and mistaking it for love?  With Valentine’s Day on its way, you may want to get a better understanding of what falling in lust and love is by differentiating the two very separate meanings.

Sex Addiction: Could You Be Addicted to Sex?

Contemplating whether you are addicted to sex or not can be a heavy matter to tackle.  You may find that you don’t necessarily want to deal with addressing it, but a sex addiction can constitute a deeper emotional issue than you know.  How exactly do you decipher if you are in the midst of addiction in lust as opposed to love?

Signs You’re Addicted to Sex

If you’re in lust, you may be displaying signs of being addicted to sex.  Suffering from a sex addiction is serious because it can make life unmanageable.  Taking a look at the signs of sex addiction can help set up a platform of what the issue looks like so you have a clear and concrete understanding on the matter.  If you notice you happen to identify, you then have the opportunity to address the matter by looking into further resources like Sex and Love Addicts Anonymous.

-Constantly having sex, sometimes with multiple partners to cope with negative situations

-Thinking about sex at inappropriate times

-Having thoughts about wanting to cut back on having sex and trying to stop but being unsuccessful in your attempts

-Lacking hygiene, work, family, or personal commitments due to sex

-Continuing to act out on sexual desires in spite of consequences like sexually transmitted diseases, cheating on partner, loss of job, etc.

-Feeling dependent on having sex regularly

Study on Lust and Love

Sex addiction can make life unmanageable for an individual because the desire to engage in sexual activity is as important as the desire for a drug addict to abuse drugs.   While love is best recognized as unconditional, lust can be seen as unregulated and extremely variable with an unhealthy toxicity.  The two can easily be confused with one another, however, especially when intimacy gets involved.  If you think you may be addicted to sex, you may want to take a deeper look into sex and love addiction to avoid the pitfalls of worsening long-term emotional wounds.

Addiction can manifest itself in many different forms.  Are you suffering from an alcohol and/or drug addiction?  Contact The Watershed for help today.  Substance use disorders are prevalent in society but they are however treatable and you can recover.  Call today at 1-800-439-5959.

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