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Actress Amber Valletta Talks About Addiction

As a former model who once donned the cover of American Vogue and an actress who starred alongside the likes of Will Smith, Kevin James and Nicholas Cage, Amber Valletta is no stranger to the spotlight. But that spotlight has never cast her in a more vulnerable position than it did a couple weeks ago, when Valletta opened up for the first time ever about living with addiction in front of a small audience for

A Candid Confession

“I’m coming out to you today,” Valletta began. “I coming out to you today as an addict. I suffer from a disease called addiction. I’ve had it for as long as I can remember.”

At the ripe age of eight, she sniffed markers, glue, nail polish – anything that would give her a buzz because, as puts it, she was “uncomfortable as a human being.” By the age of 10, she had already been high from marijuana, and when her modeling career took off just a few short years later, she was in over her head.

As she reached the pinnacle of her modeling career in her early twenties, Valletta almost lost it all. “I had a multi-million [dollar] deal and I showed up the first day to shoot this campaign high and drunk,” she told the audience. “Addiction takes you to the worst places. I showed up to my uncle’s bedside and he was dying and I was still high, still drunk and looking for a place to go do another line.”

Amber’s True Message

Valletta finally sought help and got clean at 25 saying she “didn’t want to die.” She has remained sober for the past 15 years, but coming out to the crowd at Mind Body Green wasn’t to boast a self-serving success story.

Instead, Valletta explained her primary motivation for giving such a detailed account of her battle with addiction was to offer hope and inspiration to others facing a similar struggle. “My hope is that someone, somewhere in this room, out of this room will hear something that will help them and perhaps get them out of the shadows and the darkness of addiction and bring them into the light,.”

Valletta stressed that addiction doesn’t discriminate, nor is it as simple as just deciding to stop. Once you make that decision, the help and support of those around you is critical to your success.

“It doesn’t allow you to stop on sheer willpower,” she said. “I had to be willing to lift the veil off the shame and say, ‘I’m an addict, I can’t do this alone, I don’t want to do this alone, I don’t feel comfortable, can you help me?'” she said, breaking down into tears. “I needed help from other people, so that’s the way I stay sober.”

Drug Addiction Help

Amber Valletta is hardly the first celebrity to remind us of the severity of addiction, but often those reminders are by-products of terrible tragedies. Too many times, it is only after someone’s life unravels in front of our eyes, like actor Cory Monteith, do we remember exactly how serious the throes of addiction are.

Addiction is a disease that will prey on anyone, regardless of age, gender or social status, and escaping its grips is not an easy task that someone can accomplish on their own. If you or someone you love is suffering from addiction, please seek the necessary help and support before it is too late. Contact The Watershed Today.

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