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5 Things You Should Know About Your Loved One’s Drug Addiction

drug addictionHave you just discovered that your loved one is suffering from an alcohol or drug addiction? You may feel helpless and unsure about where to turn. It’s critical that you educate yourself on the disease of addiction so that you can best know how to proceed.

What to Know about Your Loved One’s Addiction

Understanding addiction is important for you to be able to help your loved one appropriately and effectively. Here are just a few of some major key points you should know about your loved one’s drug addiction.

1. Addiction Is a Disease

It’s critical to understand that your loved one’s addiction is not a choice but rather an actual illness. Addiction is a chronic, progressive illness that needs to be treated instead of shamed or ignored. Understanding that your loved one is suffering from a disease instead of making wrong choices is critical because it will help you understand that your loved one isn’t in their right frame of mind when they are in active addiction and using drugs, but there is hope in their recovery when they receive critical treatment for their ailment.

2. Your Loved One Isn’t Trying to Hurt You

The reason your loved one is continuing to use isn’t because they are trying to hurt you. Even if they rebelled or were resentful toward you and turned to drugs initially, the reason that they continue to use isn’t because they are getting back at you – it’s because they have become hooked to the substances and are suffering from the disease of addiction.

3. No Matter How Much They May Want to Stop, They Can’t “Just Stop”

Even when an addict wants to stop, you may notice that they are unable to or cannot seem to stay stopped. This is because combatting an addiction to drugs isn’t as simple as just putting down the drugs. Your loved one may need to detox off the substances in a safe medical detox setting so that they don’t suffer from withdrawal as a result of cutting down on the drugs. Once the substances are out of their system, it doesn’t mean your loved one is necessarily “in the clear.” Underlying issues need to be addressed so that the addict doesn’t turn to substances as a coping mechanism or outlet. Addiction is a physical, mental, and spiritual disease, which means treatment needs to target all three areas.

4. Your Loved One Needs Help

The reality of addiction is that it’s not something that should be tackled alone. Your loved one will need professional help and support throughout the process of their recovery. This is why a medical detox, inpatient drug rehab, outpatient therapy, 12 Step meetings, and support groups can be effective. It allows for your loved one to have a support system.

5. Recovery Is Entirely Possible

Addiction can be a scary thought, but it is treatable. Any addict can recover when they become willing to do the work necessary to nourish their recovery. A life without the crutch of substances is entirely possible and your loved one can experience it when they receive the treatment necessary to combat addiction.

If you are feeling lost and hopeless about what to do over your loved one’s drug addiction, then you need to know that you are also not alone. There are many support groups for people in a similar place as you are, such as Al-Anon Meetings, which provide a safe space for individuals to seek support when their loved one is addicted to drugs.

The Watershed Addiction Treatment Programs is always here to provide support, should you and your loved one need it. At The Watershed, addicts can and DO recover. The Watershed provides a number of addiction treatment options, beginning with a medical detox, inpatient rehab center, outpatient therapy, halfway houses, sober homes, and more.

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