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3 Ways to Motivate Yourself When You’re Recovering from Addiction

When you’re recovering from addiction, you might have rough or difficult days where you find it challenging to motivate yourself. Whether you’re struggling with having motivation in recovery or toward achieving healthy goals in life, it helps to look up some encouraging ways to motivate yourself.

Ways to Motivate Yourself When Recovering from Addiction

If you need some suggestions for ways to motivate yourself when you’re recovering from addiction, then these three popular ideas can be a great help.

  1. Get Invested in a 12 Step Program

If you are feeling discouraged in your recovery or life in general, then it may be time to get invested (or reinvested) in a 12 Step Program. Getting involved in a 12 Step Program can help you build a community of support and work on underlying issues that may be preventing you from leading the fulfilling life you desire. Working a solid 12 Step Program can help open your eyes to how you think, act, and behave. It also helps to remind you of how you can become when alcohol and other drugs consume your every thought and notion.

  1. Enjoy Each Moment as It Comes

An important way that you can motivate yourself is by allowing yourself to pause and take each moment as it comes. It may sound strange that stopping yourself and taking in each moment can actually help motivate you – but it can. Instead of stressing or letting yourself become overwhelmed, take a breath and handle one issue at a time. It can help you feel motivated to tackle other issues that need to be addressed when you look at them one at a time and handle them as they come.

  1. Pick Up a Newfound Hobby

Another great way that you can get yourself motivated in your recovery and life is by picking up a new hobby. You may feel stagnant with your recovery or in general with life, which is why picking up a new hobby or investing in a new interest can help push you to grow. You may even end up developing a new skill or discover a new favorite pastime. Either way, you are pushing yourself to do more and grow.

While there are many ways you can motivate yourself, these ideas can be extremely helpful –especially if you are feeling stuck when recovering from addiction.

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