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3 Things to Do When You’re Struggling with Recovery

Recovering from addiction to drugs and alcohol can be filled with a number of ups and downs. You may feel like giving up at times, but as long as you persevere and take the necessary actions to hold onto your recovery, you can remain living clean and sober.

What to Do When You’re Struggling with Recovery

Whether you’re in early recovery from addiction or have racked up several years of clean time, the reality is that issues can arise. So what do you do when you’re struggling in your recovery? It can certainly help to get back to the basics of working a solid program of recovery, especially if you are feeling impulsive and vulnerable. These tips can help you stay motivated and hold onto your recovery, especially and even when you are struggling to keep going.

Reach Out

When you’re feeling uneasy about your recovery, it’s important to reach out to sober supports, members of your 12 Step Fellowship, and even trusted loved ones. One of the worst actions you could take when you are struggling or feeling triggered to use is isolate. Reaching out to others who can redirect you on a positive path is critical. If you don’t talk about what’s going on or refrain from seeking support when you need it most, then you are bound to continue feeling stuck. Venting to your network of support and seeking helpful feedback could be just what you need to come out of the state of mind you’re in.

Talk to Your Sponsor

Speaking with your sponsor is critical, especially when you are feeling on edge. It can certainly help to get your thoughts and feelings out to your sponsor because they have been where you are and can provide suggestions based on what helped them. Keeping information from your sponsor an easily backfire, so remember to be open and honest with them. After all, they are there to provide suggestions and walk you through the same 12 Steps that they went through – so let them help.

Keep Coming Back

Instead of taking matters into your own hands, try getting to some extra 12 Step meetings, calling an extra sober support, or practicing a new, healthy coping mechanism. Above all, keep coming back to the meetings, listening, and sharing about where you are in your recovery.

Recovering from Addiction

The process of recovering from addiction isn’t always linear. There are bound to be challenges and obstacles along the way, but it doesn’t mean you that you won’t be able to overcome them and hold onto your sobriety. Remember these key tips when you’re feeling like you’re struggling with your recovery, and don’t revert back to using drugs and alcohol – no matter what!

If you’re having trouble staying off drugs and alcohol, then it’s time to get the treatment you need. You deserve to live a clean and sober life, and you can with the help from The Watershed. Call today 1-800-861-1768.

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