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Top 10 Techniques For Meditating In Recovery

meditating omMeditating can seem intimidating if you are not sure what you are doing, especially when your thoughts are racing or you don’t know exactly how to just quiet your mind and body in general. The first step towards meditation and relaxation is learning the proper techniques towards grounding yourself through meditation.

10 Easy Meditating Techniques

Breathing Meditations: sitting or lying down, breathing in and out, slowly drifting away and releasing your mind from any thought that may come to you. Deep breaths and true relaxation, your mind will slowly start to calm into a meditative state of mind.

Rest / Napping: along with the breathing, there is nothing more calming than a nice nap from a stressful day. Also make sure to get adequate amount of sleep each night as this is the best form of meditation one can do.

Creative: let your inner creativity shine. Try painting, drawing, or other forms of art to let the imagine flow and mind wonder off into a day dream like state of thinking. Art can be very therapeutic and is an excellent way to learn to let go and release stress.

Exercise (running, lifting, Zumba) / Yoga: exercise is known for releasing endorphins and immediately causing a “happy effect” in your general being. Yoga is a common form of mediation that allows you to practice your breathing while helping your physical and mental health at the same time; it’s a win-win situation.

Video & Music Meditation: music is a great way to clear your mind and it can also help your mind start to get more ideas and creativity. A great deal of motivation can come from taking a few minutes to listen to your favorite song or to watch a funny or inspirational video.

Group meditation: getting together with a group of people and taking the time to either talk about life or a moment of silence to ‘just breathe’ can be very calming and relieve some long-built tension in the mind and body.

Reading meditation: reading not only gets you out of your head, but can help inspire you to write your own inspirational quotes/stories. Reading inspirational quotes or a daily meditation each morning can be a great way to start your day with some positive thinking.

Chanting: no matter what kind of chanting you may be comfortable with, it can really help you start or restart your day with positivity. Just chanting to yourself, “I am strong and I can do this,” is a huge deal and you’ll start to believe it.

Laughter: laughing not only releases endorphins but can immediately boost your mood. Kind of like the saying “fake it till you make it.”

Water meditation: meditating with water can go in many different forms. You can take a bath and light candles; you can take a long shower and close your eyes, pretending that you’re out in the rain; you can use a Buddha Board where you paint with water everything that you need to let go; you can sit in a hot tub and sweat out your bad energy and toxins.

Meditating can not only help your mind, body, and soul from bad energies, but it can do wonders with your sobriety and well-being in general. Don’t let the busy world, or even your busy thoughts, stop you from experience peace, happiness, and serenity. We hope these ideas will inspire you to start meditating today.

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